SDHSA Awards & Scholarships

2018 - No applicants
2017 Award Winners
2017 Susan Smith - Holly Solem, Vermillion, SD
2017 Staff Scholarship - Katie Krieger, Sioux Falls, SD
& Amy Overby, Madison, SD 
2016 Award Winners
2016 Susan Smith - Dr. Gera Jacobs, Vermillion, SD
2016 Staff Scholarship - Samantha Kelly, Rapid City, SD

Applications/Nominations are due January 31st of each year 


NHSA Scholarships and Awards
Taking applications now through October 15, 2019

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             The National Head Start Association’s Scholarships & Awards Program is open to individual, program and affiliate members of NHSA in good standing. Each scholarship and award provides additional criteria to guide nominations. In many states and regions, NHSA Affiliates may build upon this program with additional scholarship and awards unique to their area. Nominees should review all appropriate guidelines and consult NHSA staff with any questions to ensure successful application. 

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The five scholarships and awards available for nominations: 

  • Edward Zigler Innovation Award
    • Nominee must be a HS/EHS grantee, delegate or community partner.
  • Sargent Shriver Excellence in Community Service Award
    • Nominee must be a HS/EHS grantee, delegate or community partner.
  • Ron Herndon Head Start Parent Scholarship
    • Nominee must have a child enrolled in Head Start for the 2019-2020 school year.
    • Nominee must be actively pursuing a degree of higher education with an accredited university.
  • Aubrey Puckett Memorial Award
    • Nominee must have been a child or parent enrolled in Head Start.
    • Nominee must be an active employee for at least three years (hired for their current role during/before 2016).
  • Vanessa Rich Leadership Award - NEW!
    • Nominee must a be a new Director for less than three years (originally hired for their current role during 2016-2019).
The applications will be reviewed by the NHSA Board of Directors’ Resource Development & Member Services Committee, with assistance from the NHSA team.

For questions about the process, please contact


 If you have questions or concerns, please contact the South Dakota Head Start Association
    SDHSA Scholarships and Awards:   The Scholarships and Awards distributed by the South Dakota Head Start Association (SDHSA) are managed under the same rules, regulations and deadlines as the National Head Start Association.  The SDHSA Scholarships and Awards Committee is formed at the first SDHSA board meeting of the year and selects local winners who have demonstrated dedication and service to Head Start in South Dakota.  State winners are forwarded to the regional association for consideration.